How to get a job in an advertising agency?

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Hi guys,

Obviously you’re looking for a job in advertising agency and this is the reason you’re reading this article. So many people want to work there and be prepared to have many competitors. But do not despair, be ambitious and you will succeed! Here are some tips on how to get a job in an ad agency:

Define your role

According to The IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) there are some job roles in advertising agencies. Which is yours?

Client Service or Account Management 

They have a key role in the development of the advertising campaign and they are in charge of the relationship with the client.

Strategic Planning 

They are responsible for developing the key strategic insight which lies behind the advertising idea.

Media Planning and Buying 

The media buyers are responsible for negotiating with the media owners of the relevant channels in order to get the best position, timing and price for their client’s media space and therefore realise the maximum value and impact from the budget available.


Creatives are generally hired in pairs — a copywriter and an art director. They take the client brief and work with it to invent ideas to address the brand’s business problems.

Creative Services & Production 

It is the job of creative services and production to ensure that the internal process is smooth and the ads are made to the highest quality, on time, and within budget.

Social Media Strategist 

They have to understand how consumers interact with social platforms.

Internship in an ad agency

Yes, I know some internships are unpaid but the experience you get will be invaluable. During the practice you will have the opportunity to express yourself and you can get a job offer. You will work on real briefs, side by side with copywriters and art directors. This is a win-win game and it would be your chance! Jump on it! Some advantages to be intern in an ad agency:

  • working on multiple clients simultaneously;
  • working on multiple marketing channels;
  • acquire knowledge on different techniques and strategies;
  • opportunity to get REAL job;
  • increase self-confidence;
  • creating a great addition to your CV;
  • build a network with professionals.


Become freelancer

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OK, you don’t have any experience! Create it! It’s easy! Internet is full of websites which offer you job as Freelancer. I give you 3 main reasons why you should become freelancer:

  • you will gain experience;
  • you will gain business contacts;
  • you will become more professional.

You can work as:

Freelance Copywriter – you need to be a professional copywriter, because most ad agencies don’t hire amateurs. Be patient! Working as freelancer it`s takes time to find the right clients and projects. You will have the opportunity to create slogans, brochures, flyers and to write creativе articles and press releases. Accept any projects, even small ones.

Freelance Graphic Designer – some ad agencies prefer to work with freelancers. You must know that creativity is the most important thing in ad agencies. Working as freelancer you will gain experience for your portfolio. Working with different clients and working on different project is valuable for your future job.

Freelance Account Director – I’m not sure whether it’s possible to work as Freelance Account Director in a large ad agency. But I’m sure it’s possible in small agencies. The Account Executive is ofter referred to as “the middle man” between the client and the agency.


Before you applying for a job, you have to research ad agencies and their clients. During the job interview you have to show that you’re interested in industry and know latest news. Check out their websites and professional blogs.

Create Spec Ad

Spec ad (speculative advertisement) is a fake ad, which you create on your own. This is a great way to show your skills and why you deserve to work in advertrising agency. Be creative! How to create Spec ad:


Don’t forget about business contact! LinkedIn is the perfect way to meet people who are working in advertising agencies. Introduce yourself and say politely that you are interested in working in this field. Send your portfolio! Be proactive!

Create something creatively and get attention

You pretend that you are person who thinking out of the box? So, create campaing or something creatively and sell yourself.

For example: You can create creative ad with slogan “SEX! Now that I have your attention, I’m looking for a job in advertising agency” 

Don’t forget to be funny!

I hope this article will help you to found a job in advertising agency!

If you’ve already found your dream job, please share with us your tips and tricks!

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