Why I was fired from my first job as a Marketer and how I moved on

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Hey guys,

I decided to write this article to motivate all people who were fired. You are not the one! Don’t give up and don’t lose faith, guys! If you need help or just advice, please share in comment below your story. 

I will tell a story. My story. Marketing is my passion. While I was still a student I started as a Freelance Copywriter and wrote a thousands of articles. Also I was a volunteer in non-profit organisation and we organised events in my hometown. I wrote tons of press releases, boosted posts in social medias and I have gained my experience as a Marketer. It was priceless, because I was a newbie in Marketing.

My first job as a Marketing Specialist

It happened 2 years ago. I was only 25 years old and had to move to another city. Before that I had 2 years and half professional experience as a Customer Support Specialist. The job was Marketing and Advertising Specialist in a family-owned IT company. The wife’s boss was friendly, but she “crossed the border” between an employee and an employer. On my first working day she didn’t prepare my desk and I even hadn’t my laptop. In the first 10 minutes on my new workplace she said “Jane, write an article about cPanel” and I asked her “What is cPanel?” I didn’t even know what the hell is that. I felt uncomfortable and stupid. Unfortunately, there was no one to ask. I decided to act as a Professional and firstly I checked in Internet. After 30 minutes I wrote the article and I said to myself “You succeed, Jane”. I though this was something like an obstacle for newcomers. But it wasn’t. The wife’s boss said “OK, now create Terms and Conditions of use for our next campaign”. I thought she was joking. How to know what the next marketing campaign is and how to know what terms and conditions to write?!?! I didn’t even know what the company’s products. But do you know, guys I succeed to write it. She said “Well, it’s OK, but you missed some points, Jane”. “How do I know, bitch”? The next days she was giving me tasks and I felt terrible, because there was no training and no one couldn’t help me.

My daily duty was ONLY to write articles for company’s blog. I felt stuck at my job. I had no ideas and no inspirations. She didn’t give any “directions” what I actually do unless to write articles. Every day I asked her “What else to do?” and “How can I help you?”. She answered me simply “NO, don’t bother” and continued to scroll in Facebook. She was addicted to Facebook. Yeah, I know Digital Marketing is important, but her scrolled was almost aimless. And I felt like a fool. Why they hired me? The truth was that the company was small and my opinion is they don’t needed a Marketing Specialist.

You’re fired!

It has been 6 months since I worked. One week before I was fired, my boss told me that she decided to print t-shirts with the company’s logo. My duty was just sent a logo in the required format. I did it. She chose the printing house, but this printing house offered low-quality service and low prices. The t-shirts had become awful. On Friday after work the wife’s boss rang me on the phone and told me “The t-shirts are awful, Jane” and I replied “But you choose this printing house and my duty was only to sent a company’s logo, it’s not my fault”.

She fired me on Monday. The company didn’t give me a notice, they just sent me to go home. I have no words to explain how I felt. I though I fall into abyss. I went to the park and didn’t know what to do. I kept repeating myself over and over again “I’m fired”. The next days were the worst. 

How I moved onHow I moved on

It happens to everyone, it’s not a big deal! No matter what happens in your life you should move on! Don’t forget that! I decided to start over and have the job I want. In the first months I received a compensation from the labour office. After that I started an internship in a distribution company as a Sales Representative for 6 months. It was a valuable experience, because I’ve learnt a lot of about sales techniques and strategies. They offered me a job after my internship, but without fixed salary only on commissions. It wasn’t OK for me, so I decided to looking for a new job. I was more confident and I already had more experience. I applied for a job – a Marketing Specialist and the company liked me and hired me. That was it.

I share with you some tips how you move on if you’re fired:

  • you need time for yourself – think about your mistakes. Maybe my mistake was that I had to leave this job earlier, but I was afraid of this change.
  • learn from this bad experience – it was my first job as a Marketing Specialist, which opened a lot of opportunities then. I’ve learned about writing blog posts, increase website traffic, building brand and so on. “Every experience, good or bad, is a priceless collector’s item” – Isaac Marion (Writer)
  • answer to yourself “Where you stand in your life?” – I was only 25 years old, unmarried, without kids and a mortgage. To lose my job it wasn’t such a problem.
  • make a plan – When a man has a plan he has a clearer vision for his life.
  • find something that you’re good at and focus on
  • learn something new – you need “to clean your brain” and to forget your bad experience. Develop new skills and gain your knowledge, for example I started a new blog.
  • find a hobby – I know it’s sounds strange, but after I was fired I started to watch “Friends”. This was the way I relaxed and forgot everything.

Some tips to finding a new job after getting fired

I was afraid of questions like “Why were you fired?” or “What is the reason for leaving?”My advice is to keep your answer very short. If you start talking about the reasons, this looks like you’re blaming your ex-boss. I think the best answer is “I needed new career challenges”.

Some ideas how to find a new job:

  • internship – it’s a good way to start again or to start in a new field. “Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again” – Richard Branson (Entrepreneurship)
  • websites for job searching;
  • become a Freelance Digital Marketer – a few days I wrote an article about that. Click here for more information. To being a Freelancer is a good way for additional income and to gain your experience.
  • become a volunteer – as I said to being a volunteer has many advantages – contacts with people, social work and interesting projects. It’s worth it!
  • additional qualifications and certifications – if you want to find the desired job you will have to work hard.

The biggest mistakes after getting fired

The biggest mistakes

I made many mistakes, I didn’t talk with my friends and just turned off my phone. I was depressed and had no hope. I was asking myself “Where did I go wrong”. I didn’t feel complete, I thought I’m a fool. My advice is to talk with your family and friends. Don’t despair. According to me the biggest mistakes are:

  • fall into depression – the biggest mistake in my entire life. Come on, it happens to everyone. People die еvery day, YOU ONLY LOST YOUR JOB!
  • panic – I know “No job, no money”, but if you have a good financial culture, this won’t be a problem for you. Save at least 10% of your monthly salary.
  • to become a negative person – after I was fired I was negative to others’ success.
  • fear of failure – I was scared to apply for a new job
  • too much time in social medias – people love to brag and this will make you angry.

What I’ve learnt from my bad experience

I’ve learnt a lot of about myself – as a person and as a professional. I’ve learnt that I have to be braver and to take important decision about my career. Michael Jordan said: “I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot, and I missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” My lessons, which I’ve learnt are:

  • don’t think about the past;
  • don’t blame others;
  • don’t blame yourself;
  • be braver;
  • every experience is priceless;
  • brace yourself and work hard.

I really want to help you,guys, if you’re fired and to protect you from my mistakes that I’ve made. I hope my article to be useful for you 🙂

Please, share with me your bad or good experience in comment below 🙂

🙂 Thanks for reading! 🙂

Best regards,


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27 thoughts on “Why I was fired from my first job as a Marketer and how I moved on”

  1. a really inspiring story. it happens so often these days and often (weirdly enough) it’s for the best, its hard not to take it personally but you’re really not alone .. well done 🙂

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing your story. I’m so glad that after going through the hurt and shock of being fired you were able to shift your thinking and see the positive points in what could be deemed a negative situation. I’m sure your story will definitely help others in a similar situation!!

  3. This is really inspiring and interesting. I’m glad you didn’t let this bring you down too much and that you picked yourself back up! What they did was kind of messed though. Maybe it was a good sign in disguise 🙂

  4. I agree, you must absolutely move forward. If it’s not the right fit it won’t work and there is always something better out there!

  5. It does happen so often unfortunately but at the ebd of the day is best to cut strings with a work place qhere you’re geting little to no appreciarion. The money is not good without the appreciation for what you bring ro the table.

  6. It does happen so often unfortunately but at the ebd of the day is best to cut strings with a work place qhere you’re geting little to no appreciarion. The money is not good without the appreciation for what you bring ro the table.

  7. I know how you feel. I was recently “let go” from my job. I had been setting up my blog, so even though I am feeling bad that it didn’t work out, I am taking it as opportunity to figure out how to make money blogging. I will give myself 2 more months (that’s when my money runs out) before I look for another “job.” Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love this post! I used to work for someone who treats me like that. Though they didnt fire me, I had the same sentiments. It took me enough motivation and strength to finally move on and find where I will love and excel. Cheers to you 🙂

  9. The way you handle situations like this shows your true character. You can either feel sorry for yourself or make the best of it and use it as a learning experience. Great job on choosing the latter. Thanks for sharing your story to help others that may be in similar situations.

  10. You did the right thing on moving forward and learning from your mistake. We all make mistake and it is important to learn and let go. One fine day, you’ll just laugh at all this and you’re bigger than you ever thought you’d be!

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