Do you feel stuck as a blogger? 7 Ideas to get unstuck!

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Hey guys,

As in real life sometimes you feel motivated and powerful, but sometimes you have nothing to say. The feeling is the same when you have a blog – sometimes you have so many ideas, but sometimes you are just tired and speechless. No matter what, we’re all gonna be sad at some point of time. I think every blogger goes through this period. You want a break. I love writing, but sometimes writing turns into a duty, not in a pleasure. As you know Marketing for Pros is a recent blog and I’m trying to write at least 1 article in a week. English is not my native language, so writing in English is the another reason to feel stuck!

The reasons why we’rе stuck and ideas how to get unstuck


#1. Overwhelmed 

Many bloggers have a full-time job (LIKE ME! Please, raise your hands to know that I’m not the one). For now I have no desire to quite my job, because I need money. I write my articles after work. But very often I feel tired and I want to relax. To keep a blog it’s not easy thing – you should write articles, create Newsletters once or twice in a month, maintain a presence in social medias, creating infographics, communicate with brands and others bloggers and so many activities! Unfortunately, everyone has 24 hours a day. Many bloggers work lately into the night. Weekends are not just a rest. Often I spent my Saturday nights reading my favourite blogs for Marketing or writing articles for MarketingforPros. I’m a night owl, but maybe some of you are Morning People and wake up early to work on own blogs. Lack of sleep and the fatigue are the most common reasons bloggers feel stuck!

How to get unstuck?

#1. Relax

Every problem has a solution! Grab a cup of coffee (or a tea) and just relax. My advice is to work on your own blog, when you FEEL FRESH AND RESTED! Your blog should be your hiding place. Don’t work when you’re tired and overwhelmed, It’s better to stop and take a break.

I’ll give you some ideas how to relax:

  • Turn off your mobile phone, TV and other devices;
  • Enjoy the silence;
  • Take a nap;
  • Eat some delicious food (not unhealthy);
  • Write down on your thoughts and goals;
  • Listening Music – let the music be just a background, not to distract you. I recommend you classic music, Kenny G or jazz;
  • Do some sport – I love running. Every Wednesday after work I go to the stadium;
  • Meditation;
  • Reading books;
  • Travel;
  • Enjoy your hobby.


#2. Too many ideas, too little time

I don’t know about you, but I’m very creative person. Ideas, ideas, ideas, sometimes I feel my head will explode. I start to write an article, but after a few minutes in my mind another idea appears. It’s so confused. The main disadvantage to have many ideas is that I can’t stay focused on my daily routines. And the result is SMASH! So, I’ve decided to transform this disadvantage in my BIG advantage. What I did? I started to listen my inner voice. Some tips if you are Idea Maker like me: 😛

  • the new ideas give me a passion – I stopped to ignore them, because “Every idea has its time” – Vicente Fox (a Mexican businessman and politician)
  • don’t be against your mind – even if we don’t realise why new ideas appear accidentally for every thing there is a reason.
  • don’t let your ideas to sink into the subconscious – I have a notebook where I write it down every idea. Who knows, one day maybe I will realise it. 😛
  • there is no bad idea –  every idea is valuable and I could use it in right time.

How to get unstuck?

#2. Prioritise your tasks 

As I said everyone has 24 hours a day so you need to prioritise your tasks. Look at The Eisenhower Decision Matrix. Fill in with your daily duties or your bloggers’ duties.  For example:

Quadrant I. Urgent and important – write articles, creating monthly or weekly Newsletter

Quadrant II. Not urgent and important – to clean my home, do some sport, sharing your articles via social medias, create strategies for your blog

Quadrant III. Urgent and not important – approving comments

Quadrant IV. Not urgent and not important (eliminate it) – to go out with people, who don’t like you

#3. You can’t concentrate it

OK, guys I will admit that I have a BIG problem with the concentration. It’s so hard to focus when I write an article. I sit in front of my laptop, open Word file and start. But after a few minutes my attention is to another thing. Sometimes writing an article takes me several weeks. It’s not OK, right? My advice is to give yourself a deadline – set it within one week or one month.

There are many, many reasons why you can’t concentrate it:

  • you need more sleep;
  • you are bored;
  • you have too many duties;
  • your desk is cluttered;
  • you’re listening Music;
  • you’re hungry;
  • noise;
  • too much ideas;
  • too much work;
  • doing something you don’t like.

The main disadvantages are:

  • miss a deadline – some bloggers are bloggers for fun, but some of them are bloggers who want to earn money. If you want money you should make schedule for being more consistent.
  • lose a client;
  • lose a potential client;
  • lose trust; 
  • make NOTHING (sh*ts).

Don’t forget –“If you don’t take your time, it will be taken from you”.  

How to get unstuck?

#3. Clear your mind

7:00 AM Wake up

7:30 AM Breakfast and drink coffee

8:00 AM Take a bus

9:00 AM Start your work day

17:00 PM Finish your work day

18:00 PM Sport – running or Pilates

19:00 PM Time for family, friends, books and blog

23:30 PM Go to the bed

This is my simply daily routine. The main mistake I’ve made every day is to spend my free time in social medias. Absolutely useless! It’s useful only when you share your content with others. You get likes, tweets, pins and followers. As you see  my work takes too much time, but I need money and for now I don’t want to quit. But one day….  

How to clear your mind:

  • Enjoy the silence – I think the silence is the best way to good concentration. Very often I write my articles lately into the night. There are no loud, screaming, people, cars and so on.
  • Make a plan – ask yourself what is your strategy for your blog – monetising, only for fun, just to share funny story with your friends?! If you have clearer vision for your blog you will being more concentrated.
  • Tools for social media management – maintaining social media is also a difficult task and takes time. I recommend you Buffer and HootSuite
  • Find comfortable environment – which is your favourite place for writing? I love writing at the beach!

You’re master of your time, don’t waste it!

#4. Don’t have any inspiration 

Let’s face it – you work from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM-17:00 PM and you get stuck in a rut. I’m a Marketing Specialist and I love my job, but sometimes my boss hasn’t clear vision about the company. And this makes me angry! The result is that I don’t have desire to go to the work. As I said inspiration is important part of blogging. If you don’t feel happy and inspired, then you can’t be a blogger.

How to get unstuck?

#4. Get inspired

Try to wake up with positive thinking. Don’t die inside!

“Life is like a work of art, you gotta paint it colorful.”

I will share with you some tips how to be inspired every day:

  • go to the concert, Theater, Museum or somewhere you will get inspiration;
  • read interesting book;
  • try to paint;
  • watch TED videos;
  • try to look at thing from a different perspective;
  • do Sport;
  • enjoy your hobby;
  • think out of the box.

Writing is art and to write well you have to touch another art.

#5. Don’t have any new ideas for articles

Sounds familiar! Very often I ask myself: “OK, what is the next idea for an article”.  Yes, I have many ideas, but some of them are too difficult for writing, because It’s require a lot of research. Sometimes I don’t have enough experience to write about it.

I’ll give you some ideas for articles when you’re stuck:

  • take an interview – maybe you know the gurus in your niche. Contact them and ask them politely to give you an interview;
  • ask your audience – sometimes ideas come from your audience (clients);
  • create a guest write – when I was a student I’ve written so many articles for some blogs.
  • reshare your old content  again;
  • write review for a book or product;
  • write a press release for some event in your field;
  • publish related news;
  • share your story – talk about your success, failure or just give advice to your readers.

How to get unstuck?

#5. Brainstorming

Everyone needs a sip of fresh air. Brainstorming is a perfect way to generate new ideas, to write inspirational articles or just to be awesome blogger.

Some steps to successful brainstorming:

  1. Sources of information – I need admit that I love books. Except them I read a lot of blogs for marketing and advertising.
  2. Collect information – each one of us often receives e-mails or е-books, I recommend you to use Feedly – platform to accelerate your useful content.
  3. Use Google suggestion – yep, type your keywords and it will appear some suggestions for blog articles.

4. Use Keyword Research Tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush and etc. to generate new ideas

#7. Lost motivation 

You’ve created a blog, build presence in social medias, but yet you don’t reach desired results. How familiar! You don’t have enough likes, tweets, pins! It’s not cool, yeah! And you wonder why? The true is every blogger goes through these difficulties. My advice is don’t give up! Give the best and sooner or later will get the best! 

Many reasons why we lost our inner power?

  1. Don’t see results;
  2. Don’t have enough time;
  3. Want fast results;
  4. Don’t have goals;
  5. You don’t believe in yourself and your skills.

How to get unstuck?

#7. Be ready for the fight

There are too many bloggers and every one of them is your competitor. In the first months when I started my blog I asked myself “Why I don’t have visitors” “Why my bounce rate is too low”. If you have your own blog you should know about SEO tactics, how to make images for social medias, social media strategies and so on. It’s not easy thing!

  1. Every night spend about 1 hour reading about marketing and social medias;
  2. Spy your competitors;
  3. Set your clear goals.

In summary I want to tell you DON’T GIVE UP! I think blogging is the future!

Thanks for reading!

Share your thoughts and experience in comment below!

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67 thoughts on “Do you feel stuck as a blogger? 7 Ideas to get unstuck!”

  1. I am facing a lot of issues in writing new things. I have been blogging for the past 4 years and have a giant writer’s block. I hope these strategies help me 🙂

  2. I️ can totally relate to too many ideas. I️ have a notebook of ideas too. It would probably take me years to write all of these articles, and new ideas are popping up all the time.

  3. I’ve felt all of this at one point or another. The best idea I can offer to get unstuck is creating a calendar of posts. It inspires me to think of topics and also keeps me organized.

  4. At times I do feel like I’m stuck but I tried to think something that will get me unstuck . I know there’s so many thing that I can do to get inspire. This is such a great post thank you for sharing.

  5. This was really helpful! I always try to write blog post ideas down with the idea that I’ll go back to them, but then when I do I find it hard to actually write 🙂

  6. Many bloggers feel stuck but I think it might be more with being in the wrong niche, having to write about something you do not care about or something you know nothing about can be tiring very fast.
    Personally, I feel when a blogger feel stuck, they should reach out(if their blog has good content) and look for guest bloggers, this way, you have fresh content coming in without having to write it yourself.

  7. I often feel the too many ideas problem. I keep a running list of ideas on my phone and am constantly adding to it.

    Do the two social media apps work for all social (Pinterest, twitter, Instagram, and Facebook)? And how much are they?

  8. This is great I have been feeling overwhelmed at the moment and trying to fit things in and forgetting things. So I have now prioritised things. Thanks for this post very helpful tips. X

  9. Thank you for this motivational post, darling. Even the best of us get stuck – and its not just on blogging :-D. All the points you mentioned are relatable and the how too are on point. Really appreciate you sharing these wonderful tips. Blessings.

  10. Love this post. I’ll be coming back to this. The chart with priorities is great, already gave me some ideas about what to focus on more and what can be pushed aside a little. Thanks.

  11. Great tips! My hardest thing is trying to keep up with everything–every day. It seems like I have to let one thing go in order to do another thing. Still trying to figure it out. Thanks for the tips!

  12. I can relate to this so much. When I get depressed, I’m super discouraged from doing work. I try to at least reshare old content when I’m in these ruts like you mentioned. Doing photo walks or even Photoshop manipulations for fun help my mood a bit!

  13. What a great post with insightful tips for the keep. sometimes, i get stuck on how to go about it and a lot of other things. To write, to expand the ideas and a few others.

  14. What a great post. I am exactly like you when it comes to explosion of ideas in my head and concentration. Plus I also create a jewelry, so I divide my free time between two major passions. Sometimes it is so difficult to decide what to do at this very moment. I started writing things down, I even carry a small paper notebook in my purse lately (somehow it is easier for me to write down ideas on paper). I am pinning your post for later. Every time I fell lost in my blogging I will read it and follow your advice.

  15. This was something I needed! My motivation for blogging has been not-so high lately. Mainly because I feel there’s not enough time to make interesting and fascinating posts, and I’m struggling finding more audience, who really like my blog.

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    and taxes.

  17. I like the helpful information you provide
    in your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly.
    I am quite sure I will learn many new stuff
    right here! Best of luck for the next!

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