How to generate ideas for blog posts [A helpful guide for every blogger]

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Hey guys,

How many of you have a problem to generate new blog posts? No matter whether you are a lifestyle blogger, a travel blogger, a beauty blogger or a food blogger sometimes you don’t have any ideas for blog posts. You’re just exhausted from writing. How familiar! Don’t worry it’s normal for every blogger. The most important is to create your own strategy about generating of new ideas.

Do you know over 2 million blog posts are written EVERY DAY! Are you scared from this statistics? Because I am. Really! What is the chance my blog posts to be read? I write an unique content (I mean, I don’t copy-paste from other blogs) and use SEO tricks like – keywords, length of an article, tags and etc. but I still feel scared. Moreover, I want to deliver interesting topics, reports, useful tips and one of my future goals is my website to be a leader in this niche. Unfortunately, I know so many websites like mine, which provide the same content. Sounds familiar? And sometimes I’m confused how to generate more interesting articles to my readers. So I decided to create my own strategies about the content of MarketingforPros. In this article I’ll give you some ideas and feel free to share them with other bloggers. I’ll be very happy if you use them. 


Everything begins with an IDEA! To be honest, I’m very creative person, so I often get ideas for blog posts – while I’m taking a shower, reading a book, running and so on. But what happens if you’re not creative? OK, firstly keep calm it’s a common problem for the newbie bloggers! I’ll show you how to generate more ideas, while we’re playing games!


Brainstorming is a process for generating creative ideas and solutions! The most important thing is THERE’S NO BAD IDEA! Brainstorming will give you answers of your problems. Many people think that brainstorming means to write on paper ONLY unrelated words. That’s a big mistake! First of all, you should go to a room without any mobile devices and noises. For better brainstorming you can change your physical environment – go to a park, a library, a seaside. Find a place wherever to “clear your mind”. Think only for your problem and how to solve it. I prefer to do brainstorming late in the evening! Maybe because I’m a night owl. 😀

Steps to successful brainstorming:

  • write down on paper your main problem – for instance: I don’t have ideas for blog posts
  • think about your problem, but think “outside the box” – try to find new solutions;
  • avoid the grammatical mistakes (if you’re not native like me 😛 ) 
  • play a word game to generate ideas – it’s called “word storm”. How to do this? Write it one word, for example “blog” and next words should be associated with the first. For example: Blog, then you write Post, then Interesting topic and so on.
  • don’t be afraid that everything is MESS.

If you’re old-fashioned you can use just PAPER and A PEN. Look at my sample of brainstorming:

I’m a Millennial and I prefer to use platforms for design like Canva – it’s looks better, yeah?

After Brainstorming don’t forget TO GENERATE SOLUTIONS! Ask yourself WHY!

For example: “Why don’t I have any inspiration?” 


  • because I probably don’t meditate;
  • because I probably don’t read books;
  • because I probably don’t watch TED videos;
  • because I probably don’t go to concerts, theaters, Museums;
  • because I probably don’t have a hobby.

………………………… and so on…………………………………

For example: “Why don’t I have time?”


  • because I probably waste my time in social medias;
  • because I probably have problem with time management;
  • because I probably work too much.

………………………… and so on…………………………………

For example: Why don’t I have enough skills and knowledge?


  • because I probably don’t learn new things;
  • because I probably don’t read professional blogs;
  • because I probably don’t enroll in a course.

………………………… and so on…………………………………

For example: Why do I feel stupid?


  • because I probably don’t believe in myself;
  • because I probably don’t have enough experience;
  • because I probably have low self-esteem.

………………………… and so on…………………………………

For example: Why do I have fatigue?


  • because I’m under pressure;
  • because I probably have too much responsibilities;
  • because I probably don’t have work-life balance.

………………………… and so on…………………………………

After you’ve finished the answers you will see “the whole picture” and will know your next actions.

You’re next!


For the first time Dorothea Brande mentions “freewriting” in her book “Becoming a writer” (1934). Then Peter Elbow also talks about freewriting in his book “Writing without teachers” (1975). Julia Cameron also mentions this method in her book “The Artist’s Way” (1992). This method is similar to brainstorming. You just take paper and a pen (or open a new Word file :P) and start to write within 5-10 minutes. Unlike in brainstorming you should write in sentences!

Steps to successful Freewriting: 

  • Set a time limit – I recommend you to write no more than 10 minutes;
  • avoid the grammatical mistakes;
  • don’t stop to write.

Look at my example of freewriting:

You can improve your creativity every day. But don’t forget after freewriting you should GENERATE IDEAS FOR BLOG POSTS!

For example: Let’s look at the second sentence – “Should I stay or should I go”

Ideas:  It’s a catchy topic for your blog, right? If you’re a professional travel blogger I think this will be interesting article for your readers. You can share with them your experience as a traveller, how you took decision to go or to stay.

………………………… and so on…………………………………

For example: What are my goals?

Ideas: Also can be interesting topic if you want to inspire your readers. Share your future goals how you want to achieve them.

………………………… and so on…………………………………

It’s your turn!

Mind Map

This is a creative pathway. In the center you should write the main problem. Have a look my sample of mind mapping.

As I said you can use other graphic programs. For example, I made this with PowerPoint:

After you are ready think about what you wrote. Create new strategies and ideas!

Follow the trends in social medias

How many of you love social medias? I’m addicted to them! To be honest, if you want to be a professional blogger you should definitely know what happens in social networks. Hashtags are often used in social platforms and give you the latest trends and news. Unfortunately, some of the bloggers waste of time and forget about their purpose of writing. In order to be productive you can determine your time in social medias. For example, early morning while you’re waiting a bus you can check groups, forums, etc.

My advice to you:

  • Facebook – yeah, I know that plenty of information out there but try to concentrate and don’t miss professional groups and follow Facebook pages of other bloggers.
  • Twitter – OMG! I adore Twitter !   The best way to get more followers is to use the right hashtags! Sometimes to get more inspiration you can retweet interesting topics and infographics. Have a look: Twitter marketing hashtags
  • Pinterest build your brand by engaging with the community via repinning, commenting and liking other pins. 
  • Reddit – is an American social news aggregation. According to me, Reddit is the best to increase traffic to your website.

Follow what others write about it

Every blogger has competitors. Actually, the competition is a good thing. Although, for many people blogging is just for fun, if you want to earn money you should follow other blogs. I’m not saying to copy-past their ideas and content, but use it as inspiration. And remember – every professional was once an amateur. It’s up to you to become expert in your field! Once or twice a week spend at least 2 hours to review blogs like yours.

Use Google suggestion

In one of my previous articles I was mentioned this tactics as a way to get unstuck if you’re a blogger. I highly recommend you to use also Keyword Research Tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush and etc.

Bonus for every blogger

OK, guys, you’re almost at the end of my blog article. Thank you so much for the reading! 😀

As a sign of gratitude I decided to prepare a list with creative ideas regardless of the type of blog you have. I know every blogger has different struggles. Looks around. Great ideas are everywhere and you should just grab them and transform into a very well-written article.

How to generate delicious content, dear Foodie bloggers

Yummy, I love food blogs! To be honest, I’m not good at cooking and always look for any good recipes. So, thank you food bloggers that I can cook for myself. If you’re a food blogger, but you don’t have ideas for blog posts, don’t despair! First of all, look around! Is there any new local restaurants? You can visit them and to try some new food 🙂 As a result, you can write article about your experience or to write reviews of these restaurants 🙂

Other ideas:

  • take an interview – maybe you know the gurus in your niche. Contact them and ask them politely to give you an interview;
  • write cookbook review;
  • promote events in your field;
  • share your own story – talk about your success, failure or just give advice to your readers;
  • publish related news;
  • article about interesting facts, for example: “3 facts about Potatoes that you probably didn’t know” or “Fun facts about Potatoes”;
  • don’t forget to reshare your old content – always save my life when I’m stuck 😉
  • ask your audience – they would tell you what actually expect from your food blog 😉
  • if you are a good photographer you can share the best pics of food you’ve ever made;
  • analyze your audience – if 70% are busy women you should focus on easy and fast recipe;
  • provide interesting recipe from different countires;

How to generate ideas for blog posts if you are a Travel blogger

Ideas for blog posts if you are a travel blogger

If you travel a lot maybe it’s hard to keep up a blog. Lack of time is one of the main reasons why many travelers refuse to become bloggers.

I’ll give you some ideas to generate more interesting content for your travel blog:

  • write about your experience as a traveler – why you decided to be ;
  • memorable stories with you;
  • share tips how to prepare for a trip;
  • share interesting pics and videos;
  • share your opinion, for example: “10 thing to do in Madrid”
  • ideas for cheap journeys – it’s useful for everyone;
  • review of a hotel, hostel or another type of accommodation;
  • if you have enough time you can write guides, for instance: “Guide for every traveler” or “Survival kit for every travel”  

Don’t worry if you’re not good at writing. I think the most important things in travel blogs are pics and emotions 🙂

P.S. Sometimes one article is born by another. I’m sure you will have a lot to share with your readers 😉

How to generate ideas for blog posts if you are a Beauty blogger

Ideas for blog posts if you are a beauty blogger

Internet is full of beauty bloggers. Unfortunately, there is a lot of competition out there. In order to be a good blogger you should follow latest trends and to know everything about new products. You should give to your readers useful tips, tricks and secrets 🙂 Before that you have to determine your niche. I mean – hair care, Make-up, cosmetics, nail polish, etc. What are your strengths?

Some creative ideas:

  • review of new products and brands;
  • you can create own YouTube channel;
  • collaborating with successful bloggers;
  • create video tutorials for your subscribers;
  • Giveaway – you can select a product that people love;
  • you can share common mistakes in make-up/hair care and etc.
  • daily beauty challenge;
  • blog posts”How to”;
  • little secrets that only professionals know;
  • share your personal opinion – people love honesty;

You should have definitely Instagram profile. Most of your potential readers are in Instagram.

How to generate ideas for blog posts if you are a Business blogger

Ideas for blog posts if you are a business blogger

Nowadays, professional blogs are important part of every business. 

How to generate interesting content for your business blog:

  • share current reports about trends;
  • post a case study;
  • posts “How to” – useful article for your customers;
  • explain benefits of your product/service;
  • share special offers and promotional codes;
  • provide survey and after that analyze results;
  • talk about your industry;
  • take an interview with guru in your field;
  • show your story – failure, success, awards;
  • meet the team – short blog posts about your colleagues;

Think “out of the box”. I’m pretty sure that you have more ideas about your business blog. And don’t forget to speak “the language of your customers”. 

How to generate ideas for blog posts if you are a Fashion blogger

Ideas for blog posts if you are a fashion blogger

Even the best Fashion bloggers get stuck in a rut. I’ll give you some tricks how to generate content for your blog.

  • share of your favourite items;
  • share your story – why you decided to become a Fashion blogger;
  • TOP 5 stores where you shop;
  • how to buy with less money;
  • how organise your wardrobe;
  • compare different fashion styles;
  • beautiful pic will always save your life – in case you don’t have inspiration to write anything;
  • Fashion trends you need to know;
  • Useful tips – for example: “How to dress for a job interview”;

To Sum up

Be yourself! Even when you get stuck in a rut, don’t try to copy-paste your competitors! Take a break for refresh! Listen your intuition! Every day look for new inspiration! And you come up with great ideas! Be awesome!

Thanks for reading, guys!

Best regards,

Jane :*

P.S.1. Feel free to share with your friends! 😛 I’ll be happy to leave me a comment 🙂

P.S.2 I’m not native and I want to appologize for any grammatical mistakes 🙂

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