10 Steps to build a successful blog [A guide how to be an awesome blogger]

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Hey guys,

This post may contain affiliate links. I may get a small commission if you purchase through my links, but it is no extra cost to you. 

I have so passion to write today. It’s Friday, it’s almost midnight, but I don’t care. I want to share with you so many things. Be ready with a cup of coffee or tea (or just a wine glass) 😀

In many Facebook groups, forums and etc. many people don’t know how to start A SUCCESSFUL BLOG! Yep, everyone has a blog, but many bloggers don’t succeed and in the end they give up. If you even have an unsuccessful experience my advice is to TRY AGAIN! My first blog was totally FAIL – I even didn’t know how to work with WordPress, I’ve chosen inappropriate WordPress theme and the biggest mistake – I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT. My topics were about marketing and advertising, but I was scared to write. Many people, called HATERS hated my articles and as a result I had low confidence and self-esteem. Sounds familiar? Keep reading! I’ve started AGAIN! Imagine that your first unsuccessful blog is like an unsuccessful marriage – I mean, you don’t give up on love, right? Second try will be successful 😛

OK, let’s begin!

1. Who you are? Why you want to start a blog? Who wants to be?

First of all, who the fuck are you? No, not only your name. Who are you, really? A mother, a father, a marketing guru, a traveller, a fashion zombi, a coach, and etc.? Describe yourself with some words. 

Why you want to start a blog? It’s very personal and every blogger has different answer to this question. For some of them money is the biggest motivation, others – want to brand yourself.

  • to share your thoughts;
  • to save important moments in your life;
  • to give advice to people;
  • to brand yourself as a professional;
  • to set up online business;
  • to earn money. 

In the end don’t miss the question – What kind of blogger do you want to be? How to see yourself after 1 year, after 3 years, and etc. After that you will have more clear vision about yourself.

Don’t forget to:

  • set clear goals;
  • have realistic expectations;
  • prioritise your tasks.

2. Pick a niche


In one of my latest post  I shared with you some ways to find your niche of blogging. You should know what are you passionate about? I believe that everything is PASSION! If a man loves his job he does the best. Actually it’s similar when you have a blog. If a man loves his blog he does the best. Let your blog be what you want to be! Don’t pick a niche only for money that you can earn. For example, I’m not good at writing about IT gadgets. So, I never write about it. If you don’t know how to find your passion, look at my infographics:

Many people give up from blogging, because of too many competitors. It’s so stupid decision! You have to fight for your readers. If you don’t work for your dream blog, someone else will steal your potential readers. So, keep working!

3. Choose domain name

Think! Think! Think! Domain name is your brand identity! It took me several months to create my name – Marketing for Pros. According to MOZ your domain name should be BRANDABLE, SHORT and UNIQUE.

Some techniques to choose your perfect domain name:

  • brainstorming;
  • use free Domain Name Generator tool – for example BustAName, Wordoid, NameStall
  • do research;
  • follow your intuition;
  • create a new word – for example – Google, Bing and Yahoo;

Don’t forget to:

  • avoid long domain names;
  • avoid common misspelled words – according to Oxford English Corpus there are over 2 billion words;
  • avoid hyphens and numbers;
  • don’t copy your competitors;

4. Choose hosting company

Choosing hosting company is like to choose your boyfriend/girlfriend. I’m serious! You have to love each other. The best hosting company:

  • knows your hosting needs;
  • has the best technical support;
  • has innovative software solutions.


Why Siteground?

  • SSD drives for all plans;
  • latest speed technologies;
  • free SSL certificate;
  • user apps autoupdates;
  • own firewall security rules;
  • GDPR compliant.

How to start?

Step 1. Go to www.siteground.com

Step 2. Click on “See plans”

Step 3. Choose one and click on “Get started”. Choose a perfect plan for you depends on your needs. There are 3 options – StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek. If you’re a beginner, I recommend you to choose StartUp plan.

Step 4. Choose “Get a new hosting account” then “Register a New Domain” or “I already have a domain”

Step 5. Fill in “Purchase and payment information” and that’s it!


5. Choose WordPress theme

Ok, next step is to install WordPress theme. Oh, themes, themes! There are plenty of tons WordPress themes in Internet. And sometimes every blogger is getting confused how his blog should look like. Don’t forget that design of your blog is one of the most important thing of your online presence, because it’s:

  • first impression to your visitors;
  • branding;

The perfect WordPress theme has:

  • easy navigation;
  • user-friendly environment; 
  • responsive design;
  • integration with plugins;

I’m a HUGE FAN of Elegant Themes, because they provide beautiful and creative WordPress themes. I’ll show you some of their themes, which are perfect for a blog.

Extra – it’s a perfect theme for blogs and online publications. Extra has ABSOLUTELY ELEGANT DESIGN. I’m totally in love with this theme. Why Extra is perfect for you?

  • post & Page Builder;
  • fully responsive;
  • category builder;
  • home-brewed review system;
  • integration with WooCommerce;
  • perpetual updates;
  • technical support.

Divi – is powered by Divi Builder. It’s important to notice that you can create and save your own Divi layouts. Why Divi is perfect for you?

  • 20+ pre-made layouts;
  • responsive design;
  • just drag-and-drop your content;
  • customizable interface;
  • Divi has 46 different content elements;

Lucid – is a modern theme, displaying tons of blog posts. Why Lucid is perfect for you?

  • clean and responsive design;
  • perpetual updates;
  • page templates;
  • a large collection of shortcodes, so you can create layouts;
  • ePanel for better navigation;
  • five unique colors.

Fable – if you want to have a blog with clear design, Fable is your theme. Why Fable is perfect for you?

  • easy reading of your post;
  • full-width style;
  • unlimited colors;
  • perpetual updates;
  • responsive design;
  • ePanel – allowing you to control your website easily;
  • a large collection of shortcodes, so you can create layouts.

Nexus – a versatile theme that gives you control. Why Nexus is perfect for you?

  • responsive design;
  • custom widgets;
  • content modules;
  • advertisement areas;
  • unlimited colors;
  • homepage builder;
  • complete localization;
  • perpetual updates;

6. Choose plugins

Yoast SEO – is #1 WordPress SEO Plugin. Even to be a great writer you should have a plugin for SEO. Otherwise, nobody read your blog. Why you should install Yoast SEO?

  • you receive content and SEO analysis;
  • the snippet preview;
  • title and meta description;
  • XML Sitemap functionality.


Google Analytics Dashboard for WP – as a blogger you should know everything about your traffic, sources, bounce rate, session, etc. For example, you see that some visitors come from organic searches with keywords and key phrases like: “blogging tips”, “how to start a blog”, “how to be successful as a blogger”. So, you can focused on more helpful articles with these titles. Why you should install Google Analytics?

  • provides performance details for each post or page;
  • provides more information about locations, traffic channels, organic searches, operating systems, devices, etc.;
  • report in real-time.

Monarch- is a product of Elegant Themes and of course is one of my favorite for social medias. Nowadays every blogger knows the power of social medias. Monarch is a social media plugin with style.

Why you should install Monarch?

  • 20+ social networks;
  • floating sidebar;
  • social medias buttons on pics and videos;
  • automatic pop-up;
  • automatic flyin;
  • clean, customizable design;
  • custom panel and easy navigation.

Divi Builder – has 46 different content modules for endless layout possibilities. I mean you can build story-driven blog posts to expand visitor’s imagination. Look at! JUST WOWWWW!

Why you should install Divi Builder?

  • create beautiful landing pages;
  • simple configuration;
  • add custom CSS;
  • just drag-and-drop;
  • export and import library data into your website;

Bloom – email marketing is such a powerful tool. In order to engage your visitors you should know how to attract them – cool design of your plugin, unique offers and targeted blog posts.

Why you should install Bloom?

  • 6 different display types;
  • automatic opt-in pop-up;
  • automatic opt-in fly-ins;
  • 16 email marketing integrations;
  • elegant design;
  • unlimited color options;
  • image orientation options;
  • conversion and e-mail list statistics.

7. Write valuable content

“Write the way that you talk”  – Seth Godin

OK, you’ve already chosen your niche, domain name, hosting company, WordPress theme and plugins. So, what’s next? Of course, your content! In one of my latest articles – How to generate ideas for blog posts [A helpful guide for every blogger] I’m sharing some good technics – brainstorming, mind map, freewriting, etc. Check it out!

To be successful as a blogger you should write CONSISTENTLY! No one will remember you if you write once in a while. Some tips how to create valuable content:

  • be original – nobody likes “copy-paste” style. Try to create new topics and to write about new things. For example, “What’s new in Pinterest”.
  • be yourself – everyone has own character. So, don’t be shy to reveal yourself.
  • be honest – often bloggers promote via affiliate links products, software, etc. Be honest with your audience, if you don’t like these products, just don’t promote them.
  • be interesting – don’t write boring things. For example, “What is Marketing?”, come on guys, we’re living in 2018 everyone knows WHAT MARKETING IS!
  • be a storyteller – people love reading successful stories about personal development.

8. Become a Social Media Guru

When you’re ready with your content you need to share it in all social medias. One of the main disadvantages is that too many bloggers spend too much time and lose focus of your daily routine. My advice to you is when you start writing a blog post, turn off all social medias. How many of you spend over 5 hours in social medias? Please, tell that I’m not the only one. 😀 In my latest months I’ve lost my focus and now I’m trying to create new habits.

I understand that it’s hard to know everything about the latest news in every social media. So, check it out this list of TOP 20 Marketing blogs that you MUST follow

I will give you some tricks how to build strong online presence:

  • identify your audience – you should know what they like and what they want to read.
  • create social media strategy – you will fail if you don’t set goals. One of your goals might be how many followers you want to have in next 6 months?
  • automate everything – you’re going crazy to share in all social media accounts. So, I recommend you to try Buffer, Hootsuite
  • engage your audience –  BE CREATIVE! Create funny photos, infographics, quote photos, videos, etc. 
  • go LIVE – unfortunatelly, I’m not enough brave, but one day I will try it. I think, this is the best way to build relationship with your followers.
  • share something useful – informative postspecial ebook for your followers.


9. Some ideas how to grow your audience

Who doesn’t like gifts?

Your readers are like children – to keep them you should give anything. Some ideas are:

  • free ebooks;
  • free digital product;
  • videos and podcasts;
  • to attend a webinars;
  • a code for discount of any products or services;
  • giveaway;
  • free online course;
  • free e-mail course;
  • free access to surveys;
  • free consultation with you;


10. Create Newsletter for your subscribers


Last, but not least – you should create Newsletters. You might think of an email Newsletter as a way to convert your visitors into subscribers and then into potential customers (if you sell anything). How many of you find some website with great content, but unfortunately there is no option to subscribe? It’s not cool, yeah! As a result, you forget the name of that website.

Some reasons why you should create Newsletter:

  • drive more traffic;
  • increase interaction with readers;
  • promote affiliate links;
  • keep your readers updated.

I recommend you to use these incredible tools for email marketing – ConvertKit  and Mailchimp


Some reasons to use ConvertKit:

  • Marketing Automation;
  • Landing pages;
  • Free trial;
  • Link triggers;
  • Responsive opt-in forms;
  • Segmentation and tagging.


Some reasons to use Mailchimp:

  • User-friendly design;
  • It’s free;
  • Reports;
  • List segmentation;
  • Integration;

My blog post is too long, so I will stop HERE! Tell me what is your secrets to being a successful blogger! How long did it take?

Best regards,

Yours Jane


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